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We’re hardwired to get exceptional results.
Backed by experience, inspired by performance, obsessed with doing great work.

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What we’re great at:


What are your competitors up to? What are the best trends to follow? Who’s your audience and what do they want to see?

We are data-junkies who love finding the right answers to your questions.


Time to get all that data to good use. We’ll craft a personalised strategy to help your brand succeed and be TikTok hot.

We’ll turn your brand’s vision into content loved by algorithms and shoppers.

Creators & Content

With a roster of over 300 creators across the globe, we’ll find the best voices for your brand.

We’ll use our unique modular content and testing approach to find the video that will help you go viral.


It’s all about your funnel. We’ll test, work and iterate to guide users from video views to checkout button.

Top notch media buying, page audits and CRO are our weapons of choice to boost your revenues.

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Mkondo means flow.

It’s the state we reach when we do something we love.
It’s how we do great work.

We Listen

We will be genuinely interested in what you want for your business and how to help you get there.

We Partner

We will care and share your goals, be part of your team and have your best interest at heart.

We’re Honest

We will be transparent about pricing, scope, timelines and budgets from the very beginning.

We Respect

Here at Mkondo deadlines are sacred. We go the extra mile to always deliver on time.

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More than TikTok


Our team of marketing superstars has successfully scaled brands on Facebook and Instagram.


Professional and straight forward solutions that connect strategy and creativity.


We are committed to deliver fast and beautiful websites that will bring you the results you need, every time.


Servers and infrastructure optimized for security, speed, and performance with transparent pricing and top notch support.